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Anatomy of a Secret at Ferdinand Jewelers

Chris and Allison’s 5th wedding anniversary was coming up. Chris came into our store about a month before with an idea of what to buy for Allison. [FYI, you can come in months ahead or on the actual day of an event, and we'll still have your back!] Chris’s wanted a diamond wedding band to add to and stack up next to Allison’s original band.

I showed Chris what we had in stock and what we could create for him. We had a ring that fit the bill right there in the store. I just needed Allison’s finger size. [Yes, I know I should have a data base with customers' pertinent information, but instead, I had a plan.] Since Chris and Allison live within walking distance of our store, he could suggest they stop by to say "hi" during one of their Saturday afternoon family strolls. And so they did, and I offered to clean Allison's rings while we were chatting. While cleaning, I popped the rings on the ringstick and noted her size. Mission accomplished... or so I thought!

We had allowed plenty of time for Chris to pick up the ring before his anniversary, but then, we began hearing rumors of mandated business shutdowns due to COVID-19. So I called Chris and suggested he pick up his gift as soon as possible. I assured him we would get him the ring no matter what the circumstances, but he chose to pick it up that day. He just needed to wait for Allison to leave the house and he'd come by.

No sooner had I gotten off the phone with Chris, then Allison came jogging by with her son in the jogger stroller! Good Lord! How am I going to get Chris into our store with his wife jogging around town? I texted Chris to alert him of our predicament! We were in secret spy mode and Allison was not making it easy! Chris drove downtown and Allison waved to him at the traffic light. He parked behind the local liquor store and she questioned why since he does not usually shop there. Good grief! He walked inside but quickly ran out again when Allison moved out of sight, and scurried over to our store. Meanwhile, I remained on the lookout. I gave Chris the ring beautifully wrapped with our usual special care, checked again for Allison and son on the move, and sent Chris on his way unobserved. Of course, he still needed to buy wine and beer as that was his cover when spotted by Allison earlier. So now, he had alcohol and an anniversary gift!

Chris's secret was safe with me. Allison never suspected a thing. She absolutely loved the ring and laughed hysterically when told of our antics! This is just one example of the cherished secrets we protect often at Ferdinand Jewelers. We feel very blessed to be part of the community and peoples’ lives.


Allison happily granted me permission to share this story.

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Quite the caper! Hazardous work keeping everyone's secrets!

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