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Building Your Dream Piece Together

Before the holidays, a couple came in asking if we could recreate a cherished sapphire and diamond cross the wife had lost. They traveled all the way from Pennsylvania because nobody could help them locally and they recalled, 25 years ago when they lived in New Jersey, how accommodating Ferdinand Jewelers had been.

Of course, we accepted the challenge and went straight to work building the cross together.

The couple described the cross and Bill sketched out an intricate design composed of 12 sapphires, 12 diamonds and a 13th diamond in the center.

Along the bars would lay 12 princess cut sapphires and at the end of each bar, a trinity of bezel set diamonds (12 in total). This arrangement of stones on a cross into sets of 12 is significant as the number 12 is a symbol throughout the Bible with multiple meanings, including the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 apostles.

The center of the cross would hold a 3.2mm round diamond weighing .12ct. Each sapphire would be princess cut, measuring 1.75mm. Their total weight would be .50ct. The 12 diamonds at the ends of the cross were designed as bezel set, each measuring 1mm in diameter. The final height of the cross approximated 1½ inches.

Bill’s sketch was used to generate a 3D computer model which was reproduced in wax using a 3D printer, made by our printer in NYC who we know will provide the best in personal and quality service.

The wax replica was then encased in plaster and placed in an oven to melt out the wax, resulting in a plaster mold which was filled with 14kt yellow gold for the final cross setting. Diamonds and sapphires were added and the cross came to life.

Delighted to have their cherished cross back, the couple ordered 2 more to give to their daughters for Christmas. But that’s not all! They wanted matching diamond and sapphire rings for the husband and son! Bill literally went back to the drawing board and sketched out a ring which, like the cross, became a reality through the magic of 3D printing.

This was just one of many projects we build together when people bring us their dreams, and we love doing it.

Keep those dreams coming!


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