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Coping with Re-opening - Putting Anxiety Aside

We are so happy to be allowed to reopen our store, Ferdinand Jewelers, this past week after the mandated closing of non-essential businesses! But at the same time, we were fraught with anxiety. The feelings surprised me and reminded of worries I had as a grade school student returning to school after summer vacation. “Will my new teacher be nice?” “Will my friends be in my class?” “Why do we have to go a full day on the first day?” “What will my new routine be like?”

In reality, the new routine was, back then and now, my biggest worry. Our COVID-19 routine is curbside pickup at our door or in our parking lot. Bill and I are doing our best to offer a comforting, safe service to our customers. We wear masks, disinfect and wash hands a million times, and are going through lots of rubber gloves. Our customers seem to appreciate our efforts and go with the "new" flow very nicely.

As for teachers and friends, our old friends, aka our customers, have stopped by throughout the week to check in on us and welcome us back with grateful hearts! I was like, "Phew, I have my friends in my new class!"

So our first week went really well! As for returning to full days, Bill and I were exhausted and went to bed early every night! I think this week will be like the second week of returning to school. I anticipate by the end of the week we'll be back in the swing of things but with a new normal, and our "summer vacation"will soon be a receding memory! And the real summertime is still in front of us with long days full of sunshine!

Thank you for loving and supporting Ferdinand Jewelers! Shop local and keep the small businesses vibrant. We are in this together and are here for you. Stay safe and healthy!

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