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COVID Times and the Odd Jewelry Repair

A customer came in the other day with a watch that had stopped working many years ago and asked if we could rejuvenate it. We are finding during COVID times that more people are finding keepsakes stashed away long ago and asking us to bring them back to life. Why is that? Comfort "food" during difficult times? Or does hunkering down at home give us more time to clean out those closets?

I’ll do some noodling and get back to you in another blog.

The watch was a Bercona wristwatch which, in the customer’s words, was “not a valuable piece. But it has great sentimental value. It was a gift from my FarMor (literally means father’s mother) in 1970 when she visited from Sweden. That visit was the one time I met my grandmother… “The watch stopped working decades ago. Bill and his watchmaker did a complete overhaul of the movement, replaced the second hand and restored the case…

“Fun to have it back in my wrist! Thank you Bill for bringing this old Bercona watch back to life!”

Bill is always working on a “time machine” - restoration, servicing or repair – he loves the challenge.

Have a watch that needs work?


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